My Shoe Blog!

This blog is dedicated to all those Indian ladies who are picky about the one thing that really really matters – shoes.
The coming-of-age of India has brought with it many a liberalised sectors, none as empowered as the vast plethora of shoe brands and types.

Miss Shoe. That’s what I call myself here. For on this blog I explore all that can talked about on the one thing every woman loves – Shoes!

I Love shoes. Anyone who has seen my shoe closet says there are more shoes there than can fit in it; I thoroughly disagree. There is no such thing as too many shoes.

Come, explore them with me.


My Georgette Heyer Fan Site!

I love reading the books written by Georgette Heyer.

I had read Georgette Heyer first as a schoolgirl, on the sly, even on days before exams.
And loved every moment of it.
Today, more than a decade later, I am revisiting each book of hers and all the Romance and Adventure the regency period can offer through her.

This blog is a list of all the books as I read them, with my ratings for it.
I wholeheartedly suggest Heyer to any avid book reader! Not just for the stories, but her inimitable writing style.

You can read my reviews on this site

Heyer Fan-Site:

Short Stories by Me!!

I sometimes write short stories. Some time ago I had managed to get an award for flash fiction.

I hope to continue this hobby.

Short Story Site:

My Personal Blog!

I have been writing on this livejournal blog since blogging came to fore. It is now a ripe age and full of my memories over the years. You can delve into it here.

Personal Blog:


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