While being an avid shoe-lover, I also cook meals at home occasionally. And what I don’t do while cooking as far as possible is – repeating what I cook.
This results in me trying out new combinations and converting old recipes to suit whats there in my cupboard.
I’m a Bengali married to a Punjabi and love both cuisines. Not only that, being an ex-armed forces officer’s daughter, I have eaten almost all Indian regional food in the homes of my army-neighbors. Which has made my palate extremely flexible. And my ideas too.
I love non-veg, and continental food.
I believe if you add garam masala or olives to anything it tastes awesome. But things taste the best when the least is done with them.
My cooking style is – Fast. I invent shortcuts to the oldest simmering-overnight recipes, and turn them out as fast as I can, within half an hour if possible. And they still taste great.
When I take down recipes from my Mom, they look like Chemistry formulas. When I cook them, they taste wholesome and great. I never scrimp on ghee and nuts, but also never on the greens.
Potatoes hold a very special place in my heart.

So here on this site I welcome you to some dishes I have made in the recent past. I can promise you that they don’t take inordinate amount of effort or time.

(Apology – the initial ones don’t have photographs, but I will try and procure them henceforth!)

I will always look forward to your comments on all the posts. And suggestions!


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